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Project Management

Whether you want to be deeply involved in a project or merely be able to step on board an immaculately prepared boat just for the race and leave everything else up to us we can find a solution for you. Areas of focus are outlined below.

  • Race Logistics and Preparation
  • Optimisation and Training
  • Coordinating sub-contractors when needed
  • Creative textile rigging solutions that save weight and improve reliability
  • Onboard electronics optimization to ensure that polar files and routing software are being utilized at the highest level
  • Through the use of CAD software we can aid efficient communication between designers, sailmakers and boatyards

Yacht Design

Having worked as a consultant on projects ranging from all out offshore racing boats to luxurious cruising boats we can contribute a sailors perspective to most any project. Areas of focus are outlined below.

  • 3D modeling and rendering
  • Hull modeling, hydrostatic studies and stability calculations
  • Superstructure and interior design and drafting both in 2D and 3D
  • Rig and sailplan design
  • Deck layouts
  • Custom designs and modifications

Professional Sailing

Having raced on boats ranging from Mini 6.50′s to fully crewed TP52′s, Classics and 80+ft luxury yachts I’m sure I can contribute to any crew whether it be 2 or 20 people. Areas of focus are outlined below.

  • Navigation and routing
  • Sail handling, trim and helm
  • Emergency repairs and disaster prevention under way
  • Racing and deliveries as crew or skipper